Global warming (global warming) www.ui.texasworkforce.org  is getting much talked about. Because global warming has triggered climate change (climate change) that would be bad for human life. Global warming is the main trigger of rising carbon emissions resulting from the use of fossil energy (fuel oil, coal and the like). The use of fossil energy will generate carbon dioxide gas (CO2) which is the main source of rising carbon emissions in the air.
Conference of the Parties (COP) or the Conference of the Parties is the highest authority within the UN framework Convention on Climate Change. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is an association of the parties to ratify the conventions that are responsible for maintaining the consistency of international efforts to achieve the main goal convention began, signed in June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Earth Summit.
The main purpose of the establishment of the climate change convention is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that the concentration of these gases does not exceed safe limits and do not endanger the world's climate. In the convention agreed to divide the countries that ratified into two groups: Annex I countries (developed countries) and the countries of non-Annex I (developing countries).
Review 2.1.1 Results of COP-1 Ke Ke until COP-13
1) To COP-1 in Berlin - Germany 1995
COP-1 agreed Mandate Berlin (the Berlin Mandate) which, among other things, contains the consent of the parties to begin the process that allows it to take action in the period after 2000, including strengthening the commitment of developed countries through the adoption of a protocol or another legal instrument.
2) Into COP-2 in Geneva - Switzerland 1996
Results of COP-2 is the Declaration of Geneva (Geneve Declaration) containing 10 grains of declarations, among others, contain a call to all parties to support the development of protocols and other legal instruments that are based on scientific findings.