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Global warming or global warming is the increase ui texasworkforce of temperature the atmosphere, ocean, and land earth. At this time has increased from 15oC to be 15.6oC. The results are more accurate by meteorology station and satellite measurement data since 1957, showing that the ten warmest years occurred after 1980. In the qualitative value of the average change in temperature of the earth is very small but the impact of the extraordinary environment.
Warmer Earth may lead to changes in the cycle of rain, ui texasworkforce the water level rise, and a variety of impacts on plants, life, and human. When experts talk about the science of climate change issues into the limelight is global warming caused by human activities may be difficult to imagine how humans can cause changes in the Earth's climate but experts agree that human beings' activities that stimulate the large amount of greenhouse gases released into the Earth's atmosphere and cause more heat. Formerly all goes naturally to climate change, but with the industrial revolution, humans began to change the climate and the environment in which they live through the actions of agriculture and industry. The industrial revolution was a time when humans began to use machines to simplify his life. This revolution began about 200 years ago and changed the lifestyle of human beings. Until then, people just took a little gas keatmosfir, but this time with the help of population growth, fossil fuel burning and deforestation, human influence changes in gas composition in the atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution, the need for such energy we need to make homework, comes from the food we eat. But other energy, energy saperti yag used to run cars and most of the energy for lighting and heating homes, from fuels such as coal and petroleum or better known as fossil fuels because the case of the decay of fossils of living creatures. The burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.